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June 30th, 2011 9:53 AM

Well what is there to be said.  In current articles the market is still going down.  In the news, the market is starting to show some life.  Speak to Real Estate Agents and their barely surviving.  Read the papers and home sales are up.  New home builders are home builders are just trying to survive!  Permits for new homes are at an all time low...which is up from last month??? 

OK so if anyone can tell me what the heck is going on you get a free cookie.  I say we take a look at how we are doing 1 on 1.  If your business is not doing what it should be doing, then do something about it.  I had a record year last year and this year its off that track just a little.  I'm hopeful I'll hit the same numbers as last year and thats good considering the news.

What am I seeing?  It seems the early part of the year did take a dip.  Sales were soft and median values reflected that.  Currently it looks like things have stabilized again in most markets, but the high end homes are still slowly coming down.

One thing is for sure, we're nearing the bottom in the Sacramento area.  The only thing that can make matters worse would be an increase in the unemployment situation.  We are still seeing high #'s of REO properties hitting the MLS.  So I think we are at a tipping point.  If the State, County and City unload more workers it could continue to drop more.  Again though, it can't drop much more...can it??

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Posted by Michael Tooker on June 30th, 2011 9:53 AMPost a Comment

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